1. Terms of service
1. Terms of service
This agreement is between the user and the service provider, Sencoinex.
By using this website and continuing to register to use our Services, you agree to read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions of use by Sencoinex below (" Terms of use"). User are legally bound. Hence, please read carefully the terms and related notices before using our site or any of our Services.
By registering an account for access or use, the user has agreed to the terms and conditions of Sencoinex. If the user does not agree, please stop and do not use any of Sencoinex service. Here, "Sencoinex" is a Company, including but not limited to: directors, investors, employees or other partners. For more information on Sencoinex, user can refer to company information, public on Sencoinex website.
Sencoinex provides an exchange platform for user to purchase and sell Cryptocurrency. Depending on the user's country of residence, the user may not be able to use all functions of the site. User are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations in their country of the resident and/or the country from which the users access this website and the services of Sencoinex.
If you have a question regarding this agreement, please contact us for a specific response.
The information posted on this site is true with all content. Sencoinex do not have any warranty, either express or implied, include but not limited to warranty relating to the accuracy, suitability of information, services or products supplied and offered by Sencoinex, or through the other connection to the Sencoinex website or any warranty relate to buying, selling of user digital assets .
CSencoinex reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion. All modifications or changes to these Terms of Use will be effective immediately when Sencoinex announces on the website or notice to the user. As such, the continue to use of Sencoinex services means you accept the modified terms and conditions.
By accessing and using any of Sencoinex services, the user acknowledge and declare that the user is an individual, legal person or other organization with full legal capacity to enter into an agreement with Sencoinex. The user is not included in the following cases:
- Minors;
- The person with limited or losing their civil act capacity;
- The organization without legal status;
- The person who is being examined for penal liability, serving imprisonment penalties, subject to decisions on administrative handling at compulsory rehabilitation establishments, compulsory education establishments or banned from conducting business or holding positions or doing certain works related to business according to the Court’s decisions;
- Other cases in accordance with the law on bankruptcy, anti money laundering and anti-corruption.
In addition, the user pledges not to be included in any trade or economic sanctions lists, such as the United Nations Security Council Sanitation Index and the like.
If a defect (misleading information) is detected, the user and legal guardian of the user will be subject to all legal consequences as provided by Vietnamese law and Sencoinex may cancel or freeze user accounts and require user compensation for misconduct.
Sencoinex provides an online Cryptocurrency exchange platform. Sencoinex does not provide transactional capabilities between fiat money and cryptocurrency. Therefore, Sencoinex is not subject to the strict rules associated with this type of exchange. Sencoinex acts as a trading platform provider and is not a buyer or seller in transactions made between traders. User must register and open an account with Sencoinex and send Cryptocurrencies to the account before starting the trading. User may request withdrawal of their Cryptocurrencies subject to restrictions as stated in the Terms and Conditions.
Sencoinex always strives to maintain the accuracy of the information posted on the site, but due to the diversity of information resources, Sencoinex cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability completeness of the information. The information on the Sencoinex website can be changed without notice and is provided for the sole purpose of facilitating the user to make independent decisions. Sencoinex does not provide any investment advice and shall not be liable to the user for the use of the information provided on the website or other media. All Sencoinex users must understand that there are risks involved in trading. Sencoinex encourages all users to be cautious in trading and using any of our service.
Upon termination or maintenance, Sencoinex is obligated to notify the user in advance to ensure the continuity and security of the service. Sencoinex will not be liable in case of force majeure/Act of God, malicious targeted hacking, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen circumstances. Sencoinex reserves the right to cancel, restore or block transactions of all types of cryptocurrencies in event of abnormal transactions and will not be responsible for any loss resulting from such circumstances. Sencoinex will not ask for any passwords from the user as well as require the user to pay the non-public charges on the site.
By using Sencoinex and any of its services, user declare that all information to Sencoinex in connection with these Terms are true, accurate and complete.
All users must register for the account before using the site. To register for an account, the user must provide the user's real name, basic personal information, email address and password, as well as accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer … provided by Sencoinex. Subject to certain conditions and at our sole discretion, we may refuse to open an account for the user.
Users must commit that all registration information is true and accurate to protect your own rights and benefits. Sencoinex is not responsible for any loss during the use of the service due to inaccurate information when registering the account, including but not limited to: Unauthorized use of the account, account locked, unable to restore account …
User Identity Verification
By register an account with Sencoinex, user agree to share the personal information requested for verification purpose. User also allow us to make requests, directly or through third parties, which are necessary to verify the identity of the user. This information is used specifically to protect users, as well as to detect money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other financial crimes on the Sencoinex platform. In addition to providing this information, in order to facilitate compliance with data retention standards, user agree to allow us to retain such information throughout life time of user account and for the subsequent five years after account closing.
The identity verification information we request may include but is not limited to the following: Account name, Username, Date of birth, Current address, Government issued ID, Email address, phone number, contact information when needed.
By providing information, user confirm that the information is accurate, authentic, complete and update in a timely manners in event of any change. If there is any reasonable suspicion that any information provided by the user is false, inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, Sencoinex will have the right to send the user an additional request, edit, delete information ... and may terminate all or part of the Sencoinex Services that user is using as necessary.
User will be fully responsible for any loss or expense incurred during the use of the Services when we attempt, by any means but can not contact the user through the provided information (Email Address, Phone Number, Contact Information when needed).
Account Usage Requirements
Sencoinex accounts can only be used by registered users and conduct identity verification. When the account user is not the person who provided the account registration information, Sencoinex reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel and will not be liable for such accounts.
Account Security
Sencoinex prioritizes maintaining the safety of users. However, unfortunate risks that may cause by user actions or third-party are possible. Therefore, to minimize the risk, we value the security of the account information as well as the personal information of each user. At the same time, user should actively take safety precaution to protect themselves.
User is solely responsible for protecting the Sencoinex account and password, and the user is responsible for all activities in the login email, Sencoinex account and user password (including but not limited to disclosure of information, post information, agree or submit rules and agreements by clicking on the site, renewing the online agreement, etc.).
User agree that:
User will immediately notify Sencoinex upon finding out any unauthorized use of the Sencoinex account and password by any person or any other breach of security rules;
User will strictly enforce the security, authentication, transaction, charging, withdrawal, or other services of the site (if any);
User will log out of the site by taking appropriate steps at the end of each access;
Sencoinex will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the User's failure to comply with the above Account Security Terms.
Dispute Resolution
Sencoinex reserves the right to resolve issues and disputes at its own discretion. Some issues include violation of others' rights, violation of laws and regulations, unusual transactions, and other behaviors not explicitly mentioned in the Terms. User agrees to bear all costs arising from the dispute resolution process.
Commitment to the use of services on Sencoinex
User hereby agree to commit that all activities performed by them observe the following covenants during use of the Sencoinex Services:
- Be in compliance with the requirements of applicable laws, current regulations, as well as the various principles of Sencoinex;
- Will not be in violation of public interests, public ethics or other’s legitimate interests;
- Will not constitute an evasion of paying taxes or fees and will not violate this agreement or relevant rules;
- User will not in any way, either know or not know of, hack, exploit or taking advantage of any bug (if any) in the system to gain advantage in trading. Sencoinex will constantly scan for bugs or any other issue in the system and if users was found to be taking advantage of such bug or issue, will be contacted and Sencoinex will take appropriate action;
- Will not use any data or information displayed on the website for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Sencoinex;
- Follow Sencoinex Terms of Use and Privacy Policy throughout the course of use, not to engage in unfair competition or to interfere with the operation of Sencoinex. Examples include, but not limited to: Use of equipment, software or programming to interfere with the website, overloading network with unreasonable data loading request, executing malicious sales or purchases on the market, market manipulation.
- Will not carry out Money laundering activities in accordance with the laws of Vietnam and national laws of user residential, conduct investment activities, including but not limited to:
1. Acts of direct or indirect participation in Sencoinex's transactions to conceal the illegitimate origin of Cryptocurrencies committed by the offenders who have or know of or have grounds to know that other persons have committed crimes to have;
2. Acts of using Cryptocurrencies committed by the offenders, know of or have grounds to know that other persons have committed crimes to have that Cryptocurrencies and conducting business or other activities;
3. Acts of concealing information about the origin, the real nature, location, process of transferring the ownership of the Cryptocurrencies owned by the offenders, or know of or have grounds to know that other persons have committed crimes to have or hindering the verification of such information;
4. Acts of carrying out one of the acts specified in points 1, 2, and 3 of this clause for Cryptocurrencies are obtained from the transfer, transfer, conversion of money and assets... by others who commit the crime.
5. Assisting organizations and individuals involved in crimes in order to avoid legal responsibility by legalizing the Cryptocurrency acquired through illegal activities.
6. Possession of Cryptocurrency if at the time of receiving the Cryptocurrency it is known that the money is due to the crime, in order to legalize the source of the property.
If user violate these commitments, resulting in any legal consequences, user will be personally liable and indemnify Sencoinex for the actual damages arising from that violation, including attorney’s fee if any.
By accessing the Sencoinex Service, user agree that Sencoinex will have the right to unilaterally determine whether user have violated any of the above commitments and take actions to prevent the violation without user's consent or prior notice to user. Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to:
- Request to block and close transactions
- Freeze user account
- Report to competent authorities for settlement
- Keep and use transaction data or other information related to user accounts
- Delete user information when confirming violations
Sencoinex is not responsible for the violation of user causing any loss to a third party, user must bear all personal responsibility for obligations arising from their violations.
Service fees
Sencoinex reserves the right to charge service fees to user of Sencoinex services.
Sencoinex also has the right to change the user's service fee by unilateral decision and notify the public change on the Web site.
Provision of Service
Sencoinex will provide the Service only, as a venue of transaction that displays information related to the Cryptocurrency and the transactions related to it which can be done.
Sencoinex does not provide any kind of warranty regarding the reliability, stability, accuracy, and completeness of the related technology; nor cannot control the quality, security or legality of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, User must carefully consider the relevant investment risks, legal status, and validity of transaction information and investment decisions before user use the Sencoinex Services provided.
Người dùng cam kết các thông tin đăng ký là thật và chính xác để bảo vệ quyền lợi cho chính người dùng. Sencoinex không chịu bất cứ trách nhiệm nào đối với các thiệt hại của người dùng trong quá trình sử dụng dịch vụ do cung cấp thông tin sai lệch khi đăng ký tài khoản, bao gồm nhưng không giới hạn các việc: tài khoản bị sử dụng trái phép, tài khoản bị khóa, không khôi phục được tài khoản…
Limitation of Liability
User acknowledge and agree, Sencoinex will not be liable for any third-party claims regarding the transaction between that user and the third party, except in violation of these Terms by Sencoinex it self.
User acknowledge and agree, Sencoinex will not be liable for any loss of user due to any of the following events, including but not limited to:
+ Loss of profits, goodwill, usage or data or any other intangible loss
+ Unauthorized use of user account or unauthorized alteration of user data by third parties
+ User misunderstanding of Sencoinex Service
+ Any other loss related to Sencoinex Services which are not directly attributable to Sencoinex
+ In any case, Sencoinex is not responsible for any malfunction or delay of regular network maintenance or force majeure factors.
Yêu cầu sử dụng tài khoản
Tài khoản Sencoinex chỉ có thể được sử dụng bởi người đã đăng ký và tiến hành xác minh danh tính. Khi người sử dụng tài khoản không phải là người đã cung cấp thông tin đăng ký tài khoản, Sencoinex có quyền đình chỉ, đóng băng hoặc hủy bỏ và sẽ không chịu trách nhiệm pháp lý đối với các tài khoản đó.
User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Sencoinex, and agree that Sencoinex is not responsible for any claims and damages (including attorneys' fees, fees or fines imposed by any regulatory authority) arising from user violations or the implementation of this Agreement. This also applies to user violating any applicable laws, regulations or rights of any third party in the process of user using Sencoinex Services.
Please be aware that all official announcements and news will be listed on Sencoinex's website and we encourage all users to refer regularly. Sencoinex will not be responsible or liable in any form of compensation if the user incurs personal loss arising from ignorance or negligence of the notifications.
Termination of Agreement
User agree that we reserve the right to immediately suspend an user's account (and any accounts owned by related organizations or entities), freeze or lock in all funds in that account and suspend user access to Sencoinex if we suspect any account violates the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Money Laundering or any applicable laws and regulations. Sencoinex will have the right to retain and use transaction data or other information related to such accounts. The above measures may also be include, but not limited to the following cases:
- User is under any penalty decision from court order, criminal investigations or other pending lawsuits
- We detect unusual activity in the account
- We detect unauthorized access to account
- At the request or by order of management /government authorities
In the event of any of the following circumstances, Sencoinex reserves the right to directly terminate this agreement by cancelling the user's account and having the right to permanently freeze the user's account on Sencoinex and withdraw its corresponding Sencoinex account:
- After Sencoinex terminates service for user;
- User are accused of registering or re-registering with the name of another Sencoinex user, directly or indirectly;
- The information provided by the user is dishonest, inaccurate or incomplete;
- When this agreement (including rules) is modified, the user specifies and notifies Sencoinex of the user's disapproval of the modifications;
- Any other case that Sencoinex deems necessary to terminate the service.
If the account is terminated, account information and transaction data will be stored securely for 05 (five) years. In addition, if a transaction is not completed during the account termination process, Sencoinex will have the right to notify the user's partner of the situation at that time.
When the account is legally closed/withdrawn, at that time, the user must pay all Sencoinex fees and liabilities. After completing the payment of Sencoinex fees (if any), user will have 05 (five) working days to withdraw all money from the account.
In case the account is terminated due to fraud or acts of money laundering or violation of terms of use: Sencoinex will store all remaining Cryptocurrency Amounts, as well as the user's transaction data and may transfer to competent authorities as required.
Compliance with local laws
It is the responsibility of the user to comply with the laws of Vietnam as well as the local laws where the user resides or conducts investment activities related to the legal use of Sencoinex's services.
User must fulfill tax obligations arising from their transactions when using Sencoinex services.
All users of Sencoinex and any of its partners acknowledge and declare that the source of their funds come from a legitimate manner and are not derived from illegal activities.
Sencoinex maintains a view of cooperating with law enforcement agencies around the globe and will not hesitate to seize, freeze, terminate the account and funds of user investigated by competent legal authorities.
Privacy Policy
Sencoinex may modify its privacy policy from time to time and notify this change on the website. The privacy policy will be an integral part of this Terms of Use.
If user have any complaints, feedback or questions, please contact us for the fastest resolution support.